Bonnie Kay Seafood Restaurant, family owned & operated since 1957!

Welcome to Bonnie Kay Seafood!

"I have been eating at Bonnie Kay Seafood for over 45 years, since I was a little boy. I can remember Friday nights standing in line for what seemed like hours. The economy has hurt a lot of restaurants but I am glad to see that they are still going strong. We ate there Friday night and it was still as good as ever. We don't eat at other seafood places because they don't stack up. My wife had the broiled shrimp with a side of squash casserole (the squash was excellent), I had the combo and it was great. We love their slaw, it is the best I have ever had. The service is great, it is a great family place, the prices are very fair, good amount of food on the servings.

Thank You for all the GREAT food and memories!
JB, Julian NC

The restaurant sits peacefully behind the pond where many diners congregate before and after dinner to feed the numerous ducks, fish and turtles...more

Bonnie Kay Seafood Restaurant
Dine-In or Take-Out
Wednesday-Saturday 4-9 PM
222 Spur Road Greensboro, NC 27406‎ (336) 674-8001